Document SQL Server with Database Note Taker

Database Note Taker is a free note-taking app made specifically for SQL databases. It makes a database schema and structures a lot easier to capture and document, and definitely simplifies the database documentation and takes the guesswork out of everyday development with databases.

How does it work?

More specifically,

  • Connect to your database.
  • Refresh with the current structure of your database.
  • Database Note Taker shows where documentation is missing.
  • Add and edit notes for tables, columns, stored procedures and so on.
  • Publish and distribute the documentation.
  • When your database has changed, refresh and add new notes.


Here are a few features worth mentioning:

  • Separate documentation
  • Work offline – a live database connection is only required to refresh the database.
  • Publish to HTML
  • Database platform independent
  • Source control friendly
  • Search
  • Multiple developers friendly
  • History tracking
  • etc.

Not enough and looking for more database documentation options? Check out this list compiled by SQLShark.

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