The Documentation Tools

Documentation is no fun but a must-to-do in almost every aspect of the work and has to be done constantly and consistently. It’s basically not how you do it, rather, a matter of doing it, in a good structure. Over time, I have been using OneNote as my main note-taking and documentation tool. But lately, I am obsessed with Wiki-based […]

Document SQL Server with Database Note Taker

Database Note Taker is a free note-taking app made specifically for SQL databases. It makes a database schema and structures a lot easier to capture and document, and definitely simplifies the database documentation and takes the guesswork out of everyday development with databases. How does it work? More specifically, Connect to your database. Refresh with the current structure of your database. […]

Download Performance Tuning Guideline for Windows Server 2016

Via Windows Server Blog, This updated guide provides a comprehensive collection of technical articles with practical guidance for IT professionals and server administrators responsible for monitoring and tuning Windows Server 2016 across the most common server workloads and scenarios. With this guidance, administrators can tune server settings in Windows Server 2016 and achieve incremental performance or energy efficiency gains, especially […]

Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Official Documentation Links

The Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 IT Pro documentation is now moved from TechNet to Following are some URLs so that you can replace your old bookmarks and access the new sites. Windows Server 2016 documentation at Windows Server 2016 Networking documentation at Windows 10  and Windows 10 Mobile documentation at /via Technet/