The Wally Reflector

Thanks to Reddit, my favorite place to wander when having nothing to do, for teaching me another technique that can be useful situations like this: We have a service running on a Linux VM, using open-source software. It works. Got a request from the marketing department to migrate the service to a paid hosted version that they used at a […]

The Documentation Tools

Documentation is no fun but a must-to-do in almost every aspect of the work and has to be done constantly and consistently. It’s basically not how you do it, rather, a matter of doing it, in a good structure. Over time, I have been using OneNote as my main note-taking and documentation tool. But lately, I am obsessed with Wiki-based […]

Startup Idea Checklist

via defmacro There are great templates for this already: The YC application, Amazon’s internal press release, and Sequoia’s Writing a Business Plan. I found myself mixing and tweaking these templates because they don’t exactly match my model of the world, so I wrote up my own list. I use this list both to develop ideas and filter them. If you adopt it, be […]