Document SQL Server with Database Note Taker

Database Note Taker is a free note-taking app made specifically for SQL databases. It makes a database schema and structures a lot easier to capture and document, and definitely simplifies the database documentation and takes the guesswork out of everyday development with databases. How does it work? More specifically, Connect to your database. Refresh with the current structure of your database. […]

Stack Overflow Public Database Available (2017-06)

Need a huge SQL database for your data project? Here is one for you. Nick Craver and the kind folks at Stack Overflow publish their data export periodically with your questions, answers, comments, user info, and more. It’s available as an XML data dump. Then, Brent Ozar took the data and imported into SQL Server for his teaching performance tuning needs, and generously published it […]

17 Free Database Tools for Every DBA

Brought to you by Idera, here are 17 free SQL database solution tools to improve your everyday database operations, ranging from Monitoring & Performance, Backup & Administration, to Security & compliance. Here is the full list below: Monitoring & Performance SQL Check SQL Fragmentation Analyzer SQL XEvent Profiler SQL Heat Map SQL Hekaton Memory Check SQL Page Viewer SQL Update […]