What Version and Edition of SQL Server I am Running on the Server

There are a few ways available to find out what version and edition of SQL Server you are running.

SQL Server Management Studio

Connect to the server you want to find out, right-click the server instance name and choose Properties.

The product line tells what edition of SQL Server this is. It runs SQL Express version in this case.

The version line tells the version of SQL Server you are running. According to this Microsoft document, it runs SQL Server 2016.

Here is a quick glimpse of what these version numbers are referring to:

SQL Server 2016 SP1 - 13.0.4001.0 (recent service pack) / 13.0.4435.0 (latest cumulative update - May 2017)
SQL Server 2014 SP2 - 12.0.5546.0 (recent service pack) / 12.0.5546.0 (latest cumulative update - April 2017)
SQL Server 2012 SP3 - 11.0.6020.0 (recent service pack) / 11.0.6598.0 (latest cumulative update - May 2017)
SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 - 10.50.6000.34 (recent service pack)

Command line

Open a command prompt window and type:

sqlcmd -S servername\instancename

Note that the switch -S needs to be capital to connect to a remote server.

Then type

select @@version

It’s pretty clear that it’s a SQL Server 2016 Express I am running on this computer.

SQL Server Installation Center

Search and launch SQL Server Installation Center on the SQL Server you are checking, go to Tools and click Installed SQL Server features discovery report option.

The report will be opened in your default web browser in a moment, like below:

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