The backup storage was running low on the server. While I was doing some research on which NAS device would work for my needs out of the box, the concept of SAM-SD pops out as an alternative way of building a reliable storage system at enterprise level.

Rather than a terminology or a product widely recognized in tech, it’s a concept that uses open storage technology to build a storage system or product on top of enterprise level of hardware. To build a SAM-SD storage using SAM-SD method, you likely need:

  • A dedicated storage server or device
  • Enterprise-class hardware, such as DELL, HPE, and SuperMicro
  • Enterprise Open Storage software and OS, no proprietary software or closed system.

There are more choices when choosing an open storage software, such as:

  • Linux Family [Very Well Suited to Storage in General]
    • OpenSuse: enterprise, free Linux distro with a heavy focus on storage and clustering technologies.
    • Fedora, CentOS: enterprise, free Linux distros with heavy focus on core technology and stability.
    • Ubuntu: enterprise, free Linux distro with high change rate.
  • Windows
  • Solaris Family
    • Solaris
    • OpenIndiana and derivatives.
  • BSD Family
    • FreeBSD
    • Dragonfly

Approaching SAM-SD to build enterprise storage system like NAS and SAN is a lot more fun than buying products out of the box. I will definitely keep eyes on this approach and learn more hands-on skills out of it in the future.


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