Password Manager

Speaking of using a system that automatically manages your endless passwords for endless places that need them, I’ve been keeping it as simple as I can, simply letting my default browser, which happens to be Google Chrome, take care of it. It’s been simple and straightforward. Credentials saved in Chrome on one computer automatically get synced to other computers and devices, including my Pixel phone. So far, it fits my need and works.

Because of it, I haven’t been paying close attention to other Password Manager products, especially the ones that work in a corporate environment. But reading through this head-to-head evaluation of 6 password managers, which not only offers a breakdown by features but provides some insights on why they ditched LastPass to embrace a black horse called Bitwarden that I only heard its name about a month ago. I will give it a close look in the new year.

The breakdown was written in jsfiddle which is embedded below.

While we are on the topic, let’s also check out this cartoon that walks you through how we think about passwords, and how we should be thinking about them.

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