HTTPS is Easy

https - HTTPS is Easy

See how easy it is to make your site HTTPS-ready, here is a 4-part series that takes you through the basics of adding HTTPS for free with Cloudflare. Created by Troy Hunt, HTTPS is Easy is a 4 short video series around 5 minutes each to show people how to enable HTTPS on their site and get all traffic redirecting securely, […]

Tech’s Two Philosophies

Paper.stratechery Year One.349 768x414 - Tech's Two Philosophies

A great write-up after Google’s jaw-dropping I/O 2018 keynote, about two different approaches that will lead our future tech in two very different ways. The Google and Facebook Philosophy (the computer does your work for you) vs. The Microsoft and Apple’s (the computer enables you to do your work better and more efficient) Tech’s Yin and YangThat there are two […]

Impersonate Another User in Windows

image - Impersonate Another User in Windows

I have a folder full of obsolete roaming profile folders that I really want to tidy up. Due to the very restrict folder permissions on these folders, I found it would be a lot faster and easier if I can impersonate an individual user on the server and perform the archive job using RoboCopy command line. The built-in “RunAs” seems […]

Goolge I/O 2018

Google Map AR - Goolge I/O 2018

Some mind-blowing announcements happened during the Google I/0 2018 keynote. Google’s AI-driven user experience innovation has made things a lot interesting. Gmail – Smart Compose Literally, Gmail can now auto-complete entire emails for you. Just keep hitting the tab button, and Google will auto-complete your message. You can switch it on right now as part of the new Gmail experience […]

The Infinity Puzzle

IMGP3689 Edit - The Infinity Puzzle

If you like play puzzle games, here is a new kind of jigsaw puzzle that you may want to try, a puzzle that has no beginning or end. You can keep playing and playing like no end… Inspired by topological spaces that continuously tile, the infinity puzzle has no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges, and can be assembled […]