MDT – Failure (5616) 31: Verify BCDBootEX

I was deploying a new Windows 10 installation on an old box via MDT the other day and it was failed.

A quick Google search tells me that this is something to do with UEFI boot. It makes sense since it’s an old box. So, I created another sequence that only formats and prepares the disk for BIOS legacy boot and also applied the hotfix that fixes the issues with BIOS type firmware. But no luck, the deployment still fails right after the OS installation phase.

Guess what, to be able to deploy a Windows 10 installation on an old computer that doesn’t have the UEFI boot option, I will have to prepare a USB bootable disk with the BIOS boot option and boot from it.

Once I boot from it, it went through without any further errors.

2 thoughts on “MDT – Failure (5616) 31: Verify BCDBootEX

  1. You have to setup the UEFI partition layout in the Task Sequence. You also have to configure the boot media properly for UEFI. Sometimes this happens when you have multiple disk and the initial disk is partitioned strange.

    Opening up a Command prompt with F8, running diskpart. select disk 0, then Clean disk. Should correct that but it will delete everything on the drive.

    1. If you do the diskpart clean disk, then restart the TS it will leave you in the same spot after it redoes the part of the TS that is successful, no?

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