What to Do When MDT Deployment Stuck at Wizard.hta Screen

I have an MDT setup working perfectly until lately when I am trying to deploy the system on a few new Lenovo computers I just purchased. The setup is just stuck at a blank Wizard.hta screen and doesn’t want to move forward. It’s stuck at the stage where the OS installation is just about to begin.

The preliminary thought is that it might be missing some drivers as out of the box, the MDT WinPE bootable drive doesn’t recognize the network adapter and I had to use a USB-network adapter to connect to the network.

Skipping the Inject-Driver step didn’t help, nor loading them all during the installation.

So, how can I prepare a WinPE bootable drive that recognize the on-board network adapter right away?

Here is a quick run-down of the steps that update the bootable WinPE disk that eventually solved my problem.

First, download the latest driver from the manufactory’s website.

Then, create a subfolder under Out-of-Box Drivers, let’s call it Lenovo M920.

Right-click the folder’s name and choose Import Drivers.

Specify the directory that contains all the drivers you want to import and click Next.

Once done, right-click MDT Deployment and choose Update Deployment Share.

Select Completely regenerate the boot images, and click Next.

It may take a while to regenerate all the boot images. Once done, you can re-make the bootable USB drive from DeploymentShare\Boot folder.

And now use the new generated bootable disk and it will pass through the Wizard.hta screen like wind.

Note that if you have a large amount of computers from various vendors with different models, you may consider using profiles and/or groups to separate the bootable drive and drivers.

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