5 Free/Budget On-Premises Secure Large File Sharing Solutions

If a cloud-based secure large file sharing solution is not an option for you or your organization, here are some free or cheap on-premises solutions for your consideration.

3 Free On-Premises Solutions


ZendTo is a completely free web-based system, which you can run on your own server with complete safety and security. It runs on any Linux or Unix server or virtualization system and there is no size limit and it will send files 50% faster than by email. It will also integrate with any Active Directory, LDAP or IMAP system you already have in place.


LinShare is an Open Source secure file sharing application intended to cover your business security and file transfer needs. If confidentiality and traceability are paramount for your business file transfers, then LinShare is your solution and better yet it’s free!


GoDrive by GoAnywhere provides a safe and cost-effective alternative to using cloud services to share sensitive files. You can provide employees the easy-to-use tools they need to share and collaborate files, large or small, from the office or on-the-go. Shared files are fully encrypted “at rest” and detailed audit logs/reports allow you to track all user and file activity.

Every GoDrive installation comes with 10 Free GoDrive user accounts, which is a perfect start for smaller teams or if you just would like to give it a test drive.

2 in-Expensive Solutions


LiquidFiles is a Virtual Appliance (pre-configured software including operating system) that you install in your VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen environment, in your own private Amazon EC2 Cloud or if you prefer on a dedicated server. In most cases you will be up and running and sending your first large file within minutes of downloading the trial.

It runs on a subscription pricing model, starts with $99/year for 5 users to all the way $1,999/year for unlimited users.


FileCloud Server is an on-premises solution that let’s securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device without a VPN, including a Secure File Sharing and Backup feature. Their pricing model is more expensive than LiquidFiles but it does come with more features, such as integration with Office and Outlook that lets you open/edit/save files to FileCloud directly from Office applications.

A few more words

Please note that I personally haven’t had chance to test any of these on-premises solutions. I merely had a chance to do some research and compiled this list from the sources I trust and my own judgement based on what I read. I strongly suggest giving a thorough test on any of them before implementing to a production environment.

However, I have used quite a few cloud-based solutions before. If you ask me which ones I would recommend, ShareFile from Citrix is my first pick and Firmex comes the second.

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