The Infinity Puzzle

IMGP3689 Edit - The Infinity Puzzle

If you like play puzzle games, here is a new kind of jigsaw puzzle that you may want to try, a puzzle that has no beginning or end. You can keep playing and playing like no end…

Inspired by topological spaces that continuously tile, the infinity puzzle has no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges, and can be assembled in thousands of different ways. It’s a pretty challenging wood puzzle that tiles in the plane, meaning that any piece on the bottom can be moved to the top and a piece on the right can be moved to the left. Topologically, it is equivalent to a torus, which can be described by its fundamental polygon showing how edges of a square map to each other to make a closed shape.

torus diagram 1 600x338 - The Infinity Puzzle

The single pack costs $40, comes with 51 pieces in smallest size at 6×6 inches. Multiple copies of the puzzle can be combined in different colors to create abstract patterns and shapes.

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