Techinline is another deadly simple remote support application

imageI was on the marketing shopping for a decent, simple, and yet reliable remote support tool, and have found TeamViewer pretty attractive. Now today, after having given another tool Techinline a trial run, I am impressed too how simple it is to use their tool to connect two parties all together.

Techinline remote desktop purely uses the web app to make the connection to each other. There is no client software that needs to be installed on either side to make it work, but add-ons, or extensions are still needed for browser to be able to launch the tool.

To get started, you will need to sign up a free account through their website. Techinline offers a 15-day free trial which should give you enough time to try things out. Once you log in and successfully get the add-on installed on your browser, you are ready to take the ride to make the connect.


Simply ask the other party go to Once the add-on was installed, they will be provided a Client ID.


Get that number and put in your session, and click Connect button. Bing, you are connected.

The process is deadly simple but the downside is that an appropriate add-on needs to be installed on the browser at the both side. Even though Techinline has made the process very easy to follow, I still had difficulty to install the add-on on my Internet Explorer, though both Firefox and Google Chrome were ok. Once both sides get connected, doing the remote control to provide the remote support could be a very enjoyable experience.

Other than offering a 15-day trial, Techinline doesn’t have a free service for non-commercial use. They offer two types of payment methods, either through monthly subscription, or buying sessions in bulk. Quite flexible in most cases.

Techinline also doesn’t have a mobile version for both iOS and Andriod devices but I hope it’s been considered and will catch up soon in the next version.

3 thoughts on “Techinline is another deadly simple remote support application

  1. NIce and cost-effective alternative to LogMeIn Rescue. I’ve used Techinline for quite some time and find their web based connection process to be the simplest amongst the various remote support apps out there

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