TeamViewer is a deadly simple application for remote support

imageI was on the market looking for a remote support solution that is simple, reliable, and not expensive. I had considered GotoMyPC, WebEx, GotoMeeting, LogMeIn, etc. and found they are pretty much in the same way in terms of how to make it work, even the cost is pretty much in the same range. When I came across TeamViewer, I first didn’t quite get it how it works but once I get my hands on its portable version and try it in real, I am impressed how deadly simple it is to get it connected on both side.

TeamViewer offers a number of ways to get you hooked up with both sides of the parties but what I tried and found useful is its portable version, which can be run directly from a USB stick or a CD. Whenever you need an access to a remote computer, you can simply ask the other party download and run the TeamViewer Portable on their computer, which pops up a window with an unique ID and password under Wait for Session section at the left. Ask for that ID and put it in the Partner ID and hit Connect to Partner button. Bang, you and your other party are immediately connected, as soon as you enter in the password.


And the best part, it’s free for non-commercial use. The program doesn’t force you to purchase the license to be able to use it. Instead, it just pops up the message remaining you that you are using the free version that’s intently only for non-commercial use, and asking for a fair play, which is fair enough to me.

Even better, if you owns a smart phone powered by either Andriod or iOS, you can get the free TeamViewer app on your phone to go extreme mobile. Hack, it’s hard to find an application that doesn’t have the same version or equivalents on iPhone or Android phones, isn’t it?

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