UpdateProgress control disappeared before the Page gets updated on ASP.net Web App

I have a small web application written in ASP.net 2.0 (works on 3.5 as well) with Ajax enabled. What it does is to search information on a online database and downloads as PDF.  I use <asp:UpdatePanel></asp:UpdatePanel> to wrap up the web form content, and use <asp:UpdateProgress> to show a modal popup type of progress icon during the actual download. It […]

Cannot Open User Default Database

This blog is powered by subText which runs MS SQL database in the back, which also requires me to remote manage the database from time to time when something need to be tweaked behind the scene.  But recently, I was having trouble logging in through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  The login attempt was rejected due to the following reason. […]

The shiny Google Chrome

Another big day in web browser history, the day Google finally announced the release of their long waiting and already forgot web browser, Chrome, shortly after they renewed their sponsorship to Firefox for another 3 years.  I couldn’t wait for a second once I heard the release, rushed to their website and had it running on my Vista one minute […]