Creative but harmless computer practical jokes that would make your day


Jeff Atwood originally posted a question on the new launched Super User asking what your favorite harmless computer practical joke is, which turned out getting almost 200 creative answers as of now. When I say creative, they are indeed creative, full of imagination crazy jokes that are totally harmless but would make you laugh to death.

Prank #1

At work we once put on someones unattended laptop computer:

Outlook Rule that went something like this:

when receive email with subject ‘duh’

  • delete email

  • launch the calculator

  • play a Homer Simpson audio clip ‘lets do some calculating’

Later in a meeting while he was using that laptop for a presentation he would have mysterious calculators pop up with Homer Simpson sounds.

Prank #2

My all time favourite was a small application I wrote and installed on a colleagues computer.

It silently ran in the background and chimed every hour by opening and closing the CD tray and playing a “cuckoo” sound.

Effectively turning their PC into a cuckoo clock.

Note, the poster even shares the source code so you can easily download and play on it. But you will have to visit the site to find the link. 🙂

Prank #3

Every day, at the end of the day, he’d pick up the mouse and squeeze the mouse cord following it up back to the computer when she was watching – but not when anyone else was around.

Eventually her curiosity got the better of her, and she asked about his habit. He explained that he was pushing the electrons back up into the computer so the mouse wouldn’t get bogged down with extra electrons every day and eventually get slower and slower.

She soon took up the habit, and hilarity ensued when her boss asked her about it.

Prank #4

Well, back in the day, I removed the ball from a friends mouse. Can’t really do that one anymore… A lot of fun can still be had with Windows’ startup sound if they’ve got speakers.

Commented by:

The first April 1 on my current job, I went around the office and put scotch tape on the bottom of everyone’s mouse, including mine, except for one co-worker’s.

Many more on the original post, check it out. Laughing is guaranteed. 🙂

And who once said geeks are stupidly boring?

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