Names of Large Numbers

I’ve been wasting time on this free AI-powered game called Paperclip for a few days now. Got to the end a couple of times and extremely satisfied when seeing the numbers quickly pilling up. But what’s really blown my mind was how large the number grows. It quickly passes thousand, million, billion, trillion, fast forward to a point where the names of the numbers become total strangers to me.

The final number I got was 30,000 Sexdecillion, or 30 Septendecillion. And that’s when all matters are all gone from the entire universe.

How many zeros are there? 55.

No kidding, totally mind-blowing. If you have a couple of days to spare, feel free to try this game and see how far you can go.

Out of the curiosity, I also looked upon this Wikipedia page and named what each comma means in my final result.

aperclip with large number names

If you are curious about what’s next,

  • Octodecillion for 1057
  • Novemdecillion for 1060
  • Vigintillion for 1063
  • Centillion for 10303

Here is one of the endings I got if you are interested.

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