Time to Upgrade Your Monitor

Time to upgrade your monitor. Is it? When you are getting older, your eyes kind can’t keep up with all those tiny words on a very high-density monitor. For me, a 1080p type works pretty well in most of the cases. According to the DPI Calculator, 100 or so PPI seems to fit me well.

But guess what, the world will just move forward regardless of how bad your eyes become.

So, it’s time to upgrade your monitor, a great, very informative essay.

To sum up, this is the best setup for programmers:

1. Text can’t be made look good on low-resolution displays.
2. High-PPI displays are now a commodity, it’s time to switch.
3. Notebooks are ok, but a standalone monitor is always better.
4. 4K monitor only makes sense with 2x / 200% scaling.
5. If you want to got further, there are now affordable 4K @120 Hz options.


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