Renewing SSL Certificate on Remote Desktop Gateway Server

The wildcard SSL certificate is expiring in a few weeks. It’s time to get it renewed for both website and the Gateway server for remote access. I renewed the certificate on Namecheap, regenerated the CSR file and got the digitally signed certificate file in a few minutes.

Since the digital certificate was generated for the website hosted on Apache, I needed to convert it to PFX/PKCS#12 format for it to work with IIS. There are a couple of online tools that can get the job done flawlessly, such as this and this. You will need to provide a password to secure the output digital certificate file.

Once I’ve got the .pfx file, I copied it over to the Gateway server and imported it to the local computer’s certificate repository. Simply double-click the .pfx file to start the process.

Next step, open RD Gateway Manager, right-click the server’s name and choose Properties. In the Properties dialog window, go to SSL Certificate tab and choose Import Certificate

Pick the certificated I just imported earlier, click Import button.

Restarted the Gateway service and it’s all set.

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