iOS 7 Tip #9: How To Access and Use The Built-In Level

I’ve been using an app called Light & Ruler as my portable level for awhile, and absolutely love it. But with iOS 7, you don’t actually need it anymore because it has a level built right in.

To access it, open the Compass app, and swipe to the left…and tada…welcome to the Apple’s Level.

iOS 7 - Level
iOS 7 – Level

Let your iPhone stand in portrait or landscape mode to test the place. If it’s leveled, it will show green with 0Âșc on the screen.

iOS 7 - Leveled in horizontal mode
iOS 7 – Leveled in horizontal mode

And if you place it on a surface flat, you will see if it’s leveled or not as well. If it is, it will shows in green.

iOS 7 - Leveled on surface
iOS 7 – Leveled on surface

That’s it. It’s a simple feature that’s going to be very useful to any of us. Enjoy and happy leveling.

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