iOS 7 Tip #6: Where is Spotlight Search and How To Access It?

Spotlight Search is a search tool used to search through your contacts, music, movies, and apps stored or installed on your iOS devices. It’s a useful tool to help you quickly find things on your device.

On iOS 7, you can fire up spotlight search easily by a simple swipe down on any of the home screen on your device, iPhone or iPad. Note that not to swipe down from the very top of your screen, as it will pull down the notification center for you instead of the spotlight search.

iOS 7 - Spotlight Search
iOS 7 – Spotlight Search

Do you also know that you actually have the choice what to be searched and what not through spotlight search? It also helps to speed up your old iOS devices running on iOS 7.

Go to Settings → General → Spotlight, and select or deselect the items you want to include or exclude from the Spotlight search.

iOS 7 - Spotlight Settings
iOS 7 – Spotlight Settings

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