iOS 7 Tip #18: How To Record and Save Slo-Mo Video Clips

The Slo-Mo video recording feature is only available in iPhone 5s. If you are one of those who upgraded your iPhone to this model, here is how you can record a video in slow motion.

Easy peasy, go into Camera, simply swipe the recording mode to the right. The slo-mo mode is at the very left.

After having a slo-mo video recorded, if you just download these videos to your computer, and play it in your media player, you won’t see a slow motion effect in the video. It will just play normally in regular speed.

The best way to save them properly before it gets downloaded to your computer is to use a free app called TruSloMo. You can use this app to save a slo-mo recorded video into a video that can be played regularly while still showing the slow motion effects.

/via Next of Windows/

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