How To Manage Edge uBlock Origin Trusted Sites via GPO

Deploying the uBlock Origin extension for Edge via GPO is very easy and straightforward. Follow this guide you will be done within minutes. However, managing it such as updating its Trusted Sites list so the extension doesn’t block anything won’t be that easy though.

There are no settings out of the box designed for it. Many suggested registry keys and deploying them via GPO. I am not a fan of it unless I am out of options.

Looking through the options to configure extensions using the ExtensionSettings policy, one setting that pops out and caught my attention is called runtime_blocked_hosts, which basically prevents extensions from interacting with or modifying websites that you specify. It’s pretty much exactly what Trust Sites do.

Let’s give it a shot.

First of all, the policy Configure extension management settings is a Computer Configuration policy. So, you will need to set it up on a GPO that controls through a computer, not a user.

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge > Extensions.

The detailed setting is a JSON-based text string. Make sure to prepare the whole string in Notepad and paste it into the Group Policy Management editor. For me, the following JSON string adds BC government sites and the Purolator website to the Trusted Sites list and forces the extension shown on the toolbar.


And it works flawlessly.

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