How To Create a RAM DISK in Windows Server

RAM Splash

I love RAM DISK and have been using it for quite some time on my Windows 10. But I didn’t know that I can set it up as well on Windows Server, thanks to Mounia Rachidi for sharing. Would definitely try some day.

RAM Splash

Here is a step-by-step Walkthrough:

  1. Add iSCSI Target Server role on Windows Server.
  2. Adjust the firewall rules to allow iSCSI service to go through.
  3. Add a registry value AllowLoopBack = 1 to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\iSCSI TargetĀ to make sure the iSCSI Target allows the LoopBack mode
  4. Create a virtual disk as a RAMDisk
    1. New-IscsiVirtualDisk -Path "ramdisk:testRAM.vhdx" -Size 1GB
  5. Create a target iSCSI
    1. New-IscsiServerTarget -TargetName targetRAM -InitiatorIds @("IPAddress:X.X.X.")
  6. Launch the iSCSI Initiator for the Server Manager console.
  7. Connect to the iSCSI target created in Step 5.

Sounds like a very interesting idea to set up a RAMDisk through iSCSI target.

One thought on “How To Create a RAM DISK in Windows Server

  1. Like all the other articles on this subject, you leave out critical info. In “Create a target iSCSI” you’ve got “New-IscsiServerTarget -TargetName targetRAM -InitiatorIds @(“IPAddress:X.X.X.”)”

    What must those X.X.X values be in @(“IPAddress:X.X.X.”) ? WHAT IP address must you use?

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