How To Access A Shared Network Folder with Local Network Service Account

I was setting an app that needs to back up a remote SQL server database to a backup storage on another server. It uses the account that runs SQL server service to access the remote backup storage. Since the account is the Network Service on the local SQL server, it doesn’t have the right permissions to access that storage. I could just change the service account to a domain-based account but I was wondering if it’s possible to just grant the access to the Local Network Service Account.

How to grant access to another computer’s Network Service account

1. Right-click the folder and choose Properties.

2. In Properties dialog box, switch to Security tab, and click Edit button.

3. Permission window pops up, click Add… button.

4. Click Object Types… button, check Computers option and click OK.

5. Type in the computer name, click Check Name and select the computer name from the search box. Note that it’s got a $ sign at the end.

6. Grant the necessary permission, such as Modify or even Full Control. Click OK and you are all set.

If you are granting access to multiple computers, consider using Group as computer resource for this role. Create a new Group in AD and add all computers that need to use Network Service account to access network resource to that Group. And grant the Group the access to the folder.

What about other local accounts?

By adding the Computer to the access, do I actually grant the access to all the local computer accounts as well? Rest assured, only the System and Network Service accounts will gain the access. The local accounts are different from these built-in accounts that could be brought over with the computer name context.

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  1. Wow, exactly what I needed… except it does not work for me. My Object Types dialog box does not include an option for computers. Mine has Built in sec princ, Groups, and Users. Bummer.

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