Happy SysAdmin Day 2017

Feeling lucky today…because I am a sysadmin and I have a day to be appreciated for what I do. That day is today, last Friday in every July. And it’s called System Administrator Appreciation Day, aka Sysadmin Day.

Don’t be jealous, having a dedicated day to be appreciated could also mean we sysadmins get no respect the rest of the year. That’s 364 days a year, including weekends and holidays. 🙁

Joke aside, let’s make one smile or two on our face…

Here are the top-voted GIFs from the 2016 Sysadmin Day contest by Puppet.

When Developer comes asking for help!!

GIF of someone trying to talk to Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation and him swiveling away from them.

by Saandeep Jogiparti

When you ask the user what they did, and they reply “nothing”

GIF of ...

by Robert Blasi

And for those of you who are sysadmins and want to explain to Muggles what you do and why you deserve love and respect, check out this excellent video.

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