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Windows Server 2016 is the latest Windows server platform from Microsoft, RTM’d in September 2016, generally available on October 12, 2016, bearing a Windows version number at 10.0.14393. It’s the one built with the cloud in mind that brings a lot of new features and changes. Here is a list of free resources prepared for me to keep pace with this latest technology from Microsoft. If it could help you out the same time to a certain degree, that’s even better.

Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016

Download Link: PDF

It’s an 18-page overview of Windows Server 2016.

Introducing Windows Server 2016

Download link: PDF

Published by Microsoft Press, this is a 181-page introduction free eBook includes 5 chapters that target to those who are familiar with key concepts surrounding Windows Server, i.e. Hyper-V, Networking, and Storage.

Windows Server 2016 Datasheet

Download link: PDF

Windows Server 2016 Licensing

Download link: PDF

The licensing model has transitioned from processor-based to core-based in October 2016 with the general availability of Windows Server 2016. It’s good to have an official document that describes how the new licensing model works.

Timeline of Microsoft Windows

Link: Wikipedia & Comparison of Windows Windows versions

Timeline of Windows
Timeline of Windows

Automating Windows Server 2016 configuration with PowerShell and DSC

Download link: Doc

Windows Server 2016 NIC and Switch Teaming User Guide

Download: Docx

Additional read: A comprehensive guide to NIC teaming

Remote Access Always On VPN Deployment Guide for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

Download: Url | Docx

About Container

Containers are a stepping stone that can help IT organizations understand what key items in modern IT environments, such as DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment, to name just a few, can do and how these organizations can adopt all of these elements and more to their enterprises. With the introduction of container support in Windows Server 2016, it opens the opportunities that take traditional monolithic applications on a journey to modernize them for better agility.

Introducing to Windows Containers

Download link: PDF

Windows Containers Documentation

Source: Url

Step-by-Step: Set up Docker on your Windows Server 2016

Source: Url

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