Fixing HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 MSA SAN

SAN front view

This iSCSI based SAN has been serving me extraordinarily well for 7 years and one of the controllers in the machine decided to give out the other day. So I was down to one controller serving a bunch of VMs and I needed to replace the defective one so it can be running in full redundant mode again.

SAN front view

Purchasing the part and putting it on the server is easy and straightforward but getting both controllers synced up with firmware is another story.

The firmware on the server was never updated since it’s in service and the new controller has a newer version at TS251P006-02. I turned on the Partner Firmware Update and restarted the server. Then everything went sideways. The firmware sync didn’t get completed on the old controller and I got “system is unavailable” message when I tried to log into the management console. And even when I logged in through the new controller’s management port, I got this,

SAN A Firmware

The only solution was to re-apply the firmware to the server. The problem was, it’s hard to find the proper version of firmware through HP website. Tried really hard for a couple of days until I read a post here.

The latest version of firmware is at TS252P005 released on Feb 9, 2017.¬† It’s named as “cp031212.exe”, sized at 36MB. You won’t be able to download it from HP website unless you have a warranty service contract with them. However, since HP P2000 G3 SAN is a re-branded version of DotHill AssuredSAN 3000 series (via here), you can download a copy of this firmware from DogHill, now belong to Seagate, Cloud¬†System page, or AssuredSAN 3000 Series page. You may retain a copy of it for future use. You can also contact me if you are not able to download one from their website.

Everything was easier once I got the copy of the firmware. Install it through the management console, restart the SAN a couple times, and it’s all settled.

SAN firmware synced up

/update on Dec. 18, 2018/

Here is the direct download link to the firmware: TP252P005.7z

44 thoughts on “Fixing HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 MSA SAN

  1. Hi Kent,
    I can’t find the firmware on Seagate website. There is a different firmware version (high revision number but older) Could you share TS252P005 with me please?

    Many thanks,

  2. i have an old P2000 that’s running out of storage and i have msa 3040 drive bays, is it possible to add the newer drive enclosures to the older p2000?

  3. Hello,
    I have an issue on one of my HP P200 G3 disk arrays, and my diagnostic is that I need to downgrade the firmware to TS240P003, as another SAN on my network, with identical hardware config, is “known to work” with my current VMWare set of servers (iSCSI, LUN, …): do you know of a way to download that TS240P003 Firmware version ? HP P2000G3 being EOL since years, I don’t have a maintenance contract for it.
    Thanks in advance for your support !

  4. anyone have a list of drives that will work with the HP P2000 P3 so that you don’t have to buy the expensive hp drives?

  5. I found this old post, I have a DH Array that failed to update properly now I cant update it any further it is dead. The SC wont accept the upload and update. Do you know how to use the service port to maybe reset the device to a factory default or anything else that may help?

    1. I believe you connect to the machine through USB or serial port (I believe it’s called CLI interface) and run some command to do the factory reset. I have a CLI reference in PDF that I can upload if you like.

  6. I’ve got the CLI Guide, But I am not sure if it will reset anything but the settings. I am looking to either force the update or roll back to a previous or original firmware.
    Thanks for responding!!! Much Appreciated

    1. Theoretically, it should but I didn’t have the luck to use it to install or reset the unit. I was lucky that I can still access the management console to finish up the installation.

  7. Thanks for the firmware link. Just added 24 x 8TB non HP drives – works fine. They are enterprise sata drives. P2000 dual controller cheap way to get a lot of storage @ 10Gb iscsi. These units are rock solid and great for a a file store that doesn’t need super performance.

    Appreciate all the comments.


    1. which drives did you use for the P2000? Do you have the part number? I am trying to find compatible replacement drives but the ones I have purchased don’t show up on the interface when installed.

  8. I have been trying to post here for weeks, but have been unable. You should be able to find where I have uploaded the older firmware by performing a search for keyword 1ertcollection1.

    1. Where should i look for this keyword? Could you provide me a direct-download to those files? Thank you so much.

  9. I found an older copy of the HP P2000 MSA Performance tool, also called the HP MSA2000 Monitoring Management Pack, version, file name cp015535.exe, still available on Check paste bin 05dKuw4F for an alternative download link.

  10. Hi, my P2000 has the version TS100
    When I try to upgrade says:
    ftp> put TS252P005.bin flash
    200 PORT command successful
    150 Connecting to port 49496
    226-File Transfer Complete. Starting Operation:
    STATUS: Code Load Failure
    ERROR: You must load TS201 software before upgrading your
    system to this version of software.

    Please update your system to the latest TS201 software.
    Anyone have the TS201 firmware to download???

  11. Hi!
    I`ve got “the local Storage Controller is not up, so system health cannot be computed from this controller” after the upgrading the FW

    on “show system”
    -( anybody?

  12. HI,
    It is a Little bit of topic, but is it possible to completly CLEAR the log ? I have tried to download it, but it did not clear it.
    I have bought this used SAN and want to clear the logs.

    1. dont know if what u are looking for is it but u can only type ” clear events” on cli ….used usb to mini-usb with some driver that i found….it sets some COM and u need to verify witch COM is “emulated” set COMxx and 9600 8 n 1 like almost all type of quips….hope i helped u

  13. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1FBC2378A397065C501611DE2CE4EC89C1977399
    HPE\HPE P2000 G3 MSA\TS230P008-B_15.08.2014\
    HPE\HPE P2000 G3 MSA\TS240P004-02_02.07.2012\
    HPE\HPE P2000 G3 MSA\TS250P003-A_15.08.2014\
    HPE\HPE P2000 G3 MSA\TS251P006-02_09.09.2014\
    HPE\HPE P2000 G3 MSA\TS252P001_01.03.2016\
    HPE\HPE P2000 G3 MSA\TS252P005_09.02.2017\

  14. I know this is an old topic – but I hope some people are still around. I have done the F.W upgrade using the file that Kent was able to share (thank you) – but its only applied the F.W to one of the 2 controllers.

    How does someone go about getting the F.W applied to the 2nd controller? as the upload box just asks for the file. It doesn’t ask which controller you wish to apply it to?

    I am a little confused.

    Thank in advance for any help / advise anyone can give.

    1. Under “Configuration” –> “Advanced Settings” –> “Firmware” make sure that “Partner Firmware Update” is selected and try the update again.

  15. Hello, I just found your blog post! If you don’t mind, I am a bit confused about what to do. My firmware is TS201R015 and on the HP website there was a note that one should update to a newer firmware first and then to the latest one that you link to. Is this the case?

    1. I would say it’s ok to update it to whatever newer firmware you can get your hands on. Since it’s so old, the most difficult part is to find where to download the newer firmware.

  16. Thank you very much. The 7z file works (update from TS230P007 to TS252P005). Now I can login with IE11. By the way, one of the controllers was malfunctioning after flashing the firmware but was fine after I switched off and on the power.

    1. It’s been so long so I don’t recall exactly. Basically the exe file is the HP version of the compressed file. You don’t need it to update the firmware. You need the bin file instead.

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