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Kent with his daughter

Welcome to my personal blog, a place where most of the time I talk geek stuff.

My name is Kent Chen. I am a I.T. professional currently working at a legal law firm in Surrey Central BC. Aside my expertise in I.T., I am also a pretty good web developer and a not bad web designer who has developed numbers of websites and web applications. I like cool tech geek stuff, and am a huge fan of iPhone, Google Apps, now Windows 7, and truly believe in Virtualization in IT world.

As of April 1st 2011, I am awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Windows Expert – Consumer category. I was nominated and then am awarded mainly because of the success of my other blog, windows7hacker.com.

I am not a big fan of all hyped social network sites but quite like how the way twitter works. I am a moderate twitter user who has over 650 friends with almost 2,000 tweets at the moment. I twitter from multiple sources in various topics, so feel free to follow me there as well and hope you will find them interesting and helpful.

I am also a proud father of three lovely girls so I’ve got a crazy busy personal life while I am not online.

That’s it about a quick glimpse of myself. Enjoy your time staying here, and leave comments whether you like it or disagree what I wrote, or email me if you want to have a private conversation. Response is guaranteed.

Cheers, Kent

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