A good list of free add-ons to make your Outlook better and more efficient

If you use Outlook you have reason to rejoice, because there is a wide range of free add-ons that greatly enhance Outlook’s functionality and add considerably to it’s user experience.

Here comes a list of them that are free and useful. Tip my hat to FreewareGenius for making a good list of them here and here.

Note that all add-ons listed below are linked to the original posts that have more details about them.

  1. Subtextual: send recipient-specific information on a multi-recipient email
  2. HarmonyGoogle: integrate Google Documents with Outlook
  3. Gpg4win: set-it-and-forget-it email encryption
  4. Attachment Explorer: browse your email attachments explorer-style, in one place
  5. AutoArchive Now: on the fly email archiving via right click
  6. FBLook: add Facebook integration to Outlook
  7. InboxEx: quick Outlook task and meeting scheduling, with Google Calendar integration
  8. OfficeIns: quickly disable/enable Outlook and Office add-ons
  9. NK2Edit: edit Outlook autocomplete email lists
  10. PSTTools for Microsoft Outlook: dedupe Outlook emails and combine PST email archives
  11. Reply All with Attachments: includes attachments in ‘reply’ and ‘reply all’
  12. CodeTwo Attach Unblocker: access attachments typically blocked by Outlook
  13. Outlook for Gmail: import your Gmail contacts into Outlook
  14. Xobni: people-centric email organization and search
  15. Code Two Outlook Reply All Reminder: never hit ‘reply’ when you need ‘reply all’
  16. CodeTwo AutoLogon: log into Exchange mailboxes or SharePoint services automatically
  17. Outlook on the Desktop: embed Outlook calendar, tasks, etc. in your desktop
  18. Move & Delete Watchdog: prevent accidental deletion or moving of folders
  19. Important Mail Alert: never miss an important email – I’ve also reviewed this add-on here
  20. TwInbox: a full-featured Twitter client embedded within Outlook
  21. CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder: never forget to add an email attachment
  22. bxAutozip: automatically compress attachments into a ZIP archive
  23. PST Viewer: browse PST files contents from outside Outlook
  24. Outlook Password Decryptor: recover your lost Outlook passwords
  25. (bonus) Number of Selected Items: displays the selected number of items in Outlook

Here are also 3 of my favorites that are also worth checking.

  1. Search Commands: a super easy way to find the commands in office 2007 & 2010
  2. Note&Do: puts note taker and to-do planner right in your Office
  3. Game Ribbon Hero 2: a fun way of learning ribbon in Office

That’s it for now. Enjoy.

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