Remotely Uninstalling A Program Using PowerShell

If you don’t have a software deployment tool, such as PDQ Deployment, uninstalling a program remotely on a computer could be painful. With PowerShell, it could make the process a lot easier. Uninstalling a program via WMI First, let’s see how to view the installed program. Get-CimInstance -Class Win32_Product -ComputerName $computername To specify which program, you can pipe the result […]

Using SharePoint Online Management Shell with PowerShell 7

To start using SharePoint Online Management shell, you just need to install the module or import it if you already had it installed, and then start enjoying it. Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell It works perfectly in PowerShell 5 but failed miserably in PowerShell 7. It throws an error when trying to connect to SharePoint Online. The workaround is to use import […]

Microsoft 365 Preventing Distribution Group from Receiving Outside Emails

After getting too many spam emails sent to the distribution group, it’s time to tighten things a bit and restrict these groups from getting emails from outside parties. For regular Microsoft 365 groups, you can simply go to the Exchange Dashboard, open the group, switch to the Settings tab, and uncheck the option “Allow external senders to email this group“. […]