Storage splash - SAM-SD

The backup storage was running low on the server. While I was doing some research on which NAS device would work for my needs out of the box, the concept of SAM-SD pops out as an alternative way of building a reliable storage system at enterprise level. Rather than a terminology or a product widely recognized in tech, it’s a […]

Password Manager

password login hands concept 700px - Password Manager

Speaking of using a system that automatically manages your endless passwords for endless places that need them, I’ve been keeping it as simple as I can, simply letting my default browser, which happens to be Google Chrome, take care of it. It’s been simple and straightforward. Credentials saved in Chrome on one computer automatically get synced to other computers and […]

Paper Airplane

basic dart paper plane - Paper Airplane

I love paper airplanes but I only know a couple ways to make them, i.e. the basic dart. But, there are actually many ways to make them with different types. And if you are interested, check out Paper Airplane Designs, a database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions. It’s going to be fun going through every single […]

How To Get the Full List of Properties of A PowerShell Object

image 11 - How To Get the Full List of Properties of A PowerShell Object

When querying a PowerShell object, it only returns a few essential properties by default. For example, querying the W32_ComputerSystem class with Get-WmiObject cmdlet only returns properties like Manufacturer, ComputerName, TotalPhysicalMemory, etc. To get the full list of the properties of Win32_ComputerSystem class, you can pipe the result to Format-List, like below. Get-WmiObject -Class “Win32_ComputerSystem” | Format-List * You can even […]