Monitor Any Website’s Uptime for Free with Google Docs

Sounds deadly interesting, isn’t it? That’s right, if you have a Google account you can use its free Google Docs service to monitor any of your website’s uptime for free in real time with unlimited alerts.

And here is how:

1. Sign in to your Google account and click this link to copy a shared Google spreadsheet into your Google Drive. You may rename the document if you want to.

2. Fill in the information about your website, your email address to receive alerts, on/off text messaging feature (Replace Yes with No in cell B4.


3. Click Website Monitor menu on the toolbar, and select Initialize first to grand the necessary access. Click OK on the popup dialog box.

kjc - monitor website uptime #1

4. Then click Website Monitor on the toolbar again, and this time select Step 2: Start.

That’s all. You will now get email automatically when your site is going down, and another email when the site is back up online. By default, it monitors your website in the background at 5-minute interval but you can change that to minimal 1 minutes in the Script Editor.

Behind the scene, there’s a simple Google Script attached to the spreadsheet you copied in the first step. You can go to Tools → Script Editor… to check out if you are interested.

If you want the alerts being sent via Text Message, type Yes in Cell B4, and make sure you have the correct phone number set up in Google Calendar.

Pretty cool.

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