Microsoft attacks Google Docs with a Cupcake

I man put his heart and soul into preparing for his proposal to his beautiful love but…somewhere in between, his idea and big moment ended up somewhere else…that’s frustrating.

That’s the new video campaign by Microsoft in attacking to Google Docs in favor of its own Office Web App with 6 possible things that may badly happen when using Google Docs, including critical information in Excel spreadsheet cells missing, the newsletter losing its charts, images lot on invitations, etc..

“In short, the people you communicate with can get the wrong message, because Google Docs often doesn’t deliver your Office documents the way you created them on the desktop –They can get lost in translation, become incomplete, and certainly lack the sizzle.”

It’s Valentine’s day, and if you are preparing a great moment hope you don’t end up like the man in the video, though I don’t thing Google Docs are that bad, based on the years of my own experience.

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