Making a colorful QR Codes with embedded your own logo

QR codes are becoming popular but looks utterly boring, if you agree. But really, it doesn’t have to be that way. Since reading QR codes doesn’t detect any color code in the codes, why don’t we make it a bit more colorful and more enjoy to see every time when you come across one? is an excellent online free QR generator that does not only generate the QR code but also style it with color, image, or even your own logo, or face.

Type in the text at the left of the final result area with the desired input type, like Url, text, phone number, etc., and hit Generate button below. The regular QR Code appears instantly.

Then let’s go to the fun part to make it stylish. From the right side, you can change the color, round the pixel, add background image, alter the forefront color, and embed your own logo in it.

And this is what came out for theWebox. If you have an iPhone, you can check it out with QRReader app to see if it works.


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