Heroes happen {here} – Microsoft Launch Tour 2008

I missed the last big launch tour about two years ago in year 2005 for SQL 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 but I made it this time when the new big launch tour was held here in Vancouver on Tuesday to launch the big three products from Microsoft, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008.

The seminar overall is pretty good, especially the keynote in which three different presenters demonstrated some of the cool features from these three new releases.  And both sessions I attended in the afternoon were good too.  It talked about the new security features in Windows server 2008 and the virtualization things as well.  It looks like there are a lot of new features and ways of doing stuff on the server side with these new releases, and badly it also means that I will have to spend more time to learn these things in order to keep the pace with the industry. :(

Alongside the good part, I was quite disappointed about the manager session that I attended right after the keynote.  It was supposed to talk about something that brings the existing infrastructure to the next level but I just heard the voices from three different vendors talking about the stuff that I already knew.  I was also quite disappointed the place they picked for the big event like this. Westin Bayshore is nice and it’s right beside the beautiful Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver, but considering the convenience and how cozy the seats are, I missed the ones they had in Paramount Theater, in where at least I can enjoy the nap if the presentation is boring.

Kent ChenAnd alongside the good and bad part, there are also some fun part.  There are booths there where you can get nice light-blinking pens, T-shirts, and watch some the new products brought to you by various vendors.  But the most fun part is this.  I got a personal drawn portrait from Dell’s booth where they have two young girls just sitting there and drawing portraits for anyone interested.  Yes, that’s the one, a “lofty” version of me.  Do I look like a hero in big smile there, by the way? :) Nice work, Tiffany.

And of course, the best part of this launch tour is the software Microsoft gave away.  All attendances who filled up the feedback sheet got a package in a paper bag including Vista with SP1, Visual Studio 2008 standard, SQL server 2008 CTP, and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition (1 year evaluation).  However, what happened to me after I got all these software was totally un-expected.  I was just so excited about the copies I got, especially the Visual Studio one, that I can’t wait to open the package when I was in the elevator down to the parking lot.  The package with 3 DVDs in it was just slipped away from my finger when the door opened and it managed itself to go right through the slot to the darkness where I had no way to get them back.  Sad, they didn’t just want to stay with me.  Both my friend and I just couldn’t believe and stop laughing.  What an end to the seminar like this!!  Fortunately, my friend doesn’t need Visual Studio and generously gave hers to me.

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