Dropbox contains a hidden cache folder that you may not aware of

imageDropbox is my favorite sync tool that automatically syncs my files across multiple devices I am using, including my computers, laptops, and iPhone. So I’d like to share every piece of tricks that relates to this awesome box.

Killer Tech Tips shared a trick that reveals the hidden folder Dropbox placed on your computer right inside your Dropbox folder for the purpose of

There is a hidden folder inside your Dropbox folder that caches your deleted content. Deleted files from your Dropbox folder are stored locally in this folder. When you restore your deleted files, Dropbox quickly ‘recovers’ the documents from cache, instead of downloading it from Dropbox servers – saving you time and bandwidth.

It’s a smart technic Dropbox puts in place to quick restore your deleted files while reserving the bandwidth for both sides, at least in my view.

The hidden folder resides in one of the following locations, depending on what kind of OS you are running:

Windows: a folder named .dropbox.cache inside the Dropbox folder

Lunix: ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache or PathToYourDropboxFolder/.dropbox.cache/

It was suggested that you may delete the content in this hidden cache folder to free your hard drive space BUT I highly recommend NOT doing so. A cache file designed to be there for a reason and manually deleting their content may corrupt your files in the Dropbox during the synchronization. Besides, in my opinion, it’s unnecessary cleaning it up because the size remaining in the cache hardly matters.

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