A Cool Studio Made By IKEA’s Trofast Boxes

IKEA’s Trofast Box is a stackable storage box measured in 42 x 30 x 23 cm. It costs $4.00 each and is used mainly for storing kid’s toys or any miscellaneous accessories that don’t fit anywhere else. Nothing unusual, right?

But can you believe a studio like below that is made completely by many of these boxes.

Studio by Ikea’s Trofast Box

There is definitely a lot of work involved to make a studio like this but the result is pretty cool and amazing.

Materials: Trofast boxes, jig saw, sand paper, screws

Description: Ikea’s toys storage boxes were used both to cover the ceiling, and to create the libraries. With a jig saw I cut the bottom of the boxes which were then fixed to the wall, alternating with closed boxes with LEDs inside. I fixed to the ceiling the smaller boxes over adhesive strips of LEDs for a very effective ceiling light!

Studio by IKEA’s Trofast Box – an overview
Studio desk from 2 IKEA tables with boxes fixed on them

/via mommo design/

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