6 Tiny But Very Useful Web Apps

The guy behind Digital Inspiration has also built up quite a few tech projects that could come handy when needed. Here are 6 of them that I like and booked.

1. Secure Passwords

A simple tool to generate secure strong password using bcrypt algorithm that can be unique for every site. You just need to remember a single passphrase and the tool will create the different passwords for you. The author also published the code to Github so you can download and run on a USB key or even Dropbox folder to run it in off line mode.

Url: http://ctrlq.org/passwords/

2. Encrypt/Decrypt Messages

This online tool uses the AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt your plain text. You can use this to communicate with others without having to worry about the sensitive information being sniffed by the bad guys. You simply enter your message in plain text, select a strong password and click the Encrypt button.

Encrypt Message
Encrypt Message

Encryption Url: http://ctrlq.org/encrypt/

Decryption Url: http://ctrlq.org/decrypt/

3. Screen Capture

Paste the url of any web page, and click Capture Screenshot button to instantly capture a high-resolution screenshot of the full page as a PNG image for you to download. Very handy and useful.

Url: http://ctrlq.org/screenshots/

4.  Generate QR Codes

Generate QR Codes
Generate QR Codes

Url: http://ctrlq.org/qrcode/

5. Online Dictation

If you have the mic built in your computer, you can try out this online dictation tool to dictate your voice into the text. The text can be output directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Sent as Email

Url: http://ctrlq.org/dictation/

6. Social Sharing Analytic

You can use this tool to quickly check out a website or webpage’s social metrics. Such as below:

Social Sharing Analytics
Social Sharing Analytics

Url: http://ctrlq.org/analytics/

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